a poem for two voices

i’m zannma
                                                i’m raven

together                                 together
we’re a team                          we’re a team

we write
                                                we felt

we discuss                             we discuss
philosophy                            philosophy

current events
                                                the latest happenings
                                                at middle school

i say                                        she says

it’s like                                    it’s like
Lord of the flies                    Lord of the flies
there                                       there

she                                          I
agrees                                     agree

no pigs’ heads

on sticks                                no pigs’ heads

                                               on sticks

still                                         still
there’s a certain

but let’s not dwell
                                               on the hell

that middle school              that middle school
can be                                   can be

                                               get back

to felting                               to felting
and philosophy.                  and philosophy.